Saturday, May 13, 2017


I read a blog post this morning about finding your writing voice.  The blog did not give any ideas on how to do this just talked about how they were told that their writing voice was sharp, full of strength and sometimes startling.  Well they have almost 2 thousands followers so they must be doing something right?
So I began looking at the news media on the web to get an idea about what people want to read and what did I find?  (Things you need to know about the foods a President eats. Meet the father and daughter that used to be mother and son. What age should you stop wearing jeans.)   Don't get me wrong there is some reasonable news out there but lately the more gossipy or odd or terrifying  the news is the better. 
I had thought that starting blogging would be an interesting and it is plus it is fun but it is discouraging as well  Hard to get noticed our to find an interest point.  I had wanted to write cheerful and encouraging things to help each of us to in someway turn to a world were we are satisfied with ourselves and happy with a daily existence.  So I will push on to see what I can find to offer. 


Friends lovely bird songs everywhere bees buzzing by children’s laughter in the air as the breeze floats by dogs bar...