Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wisdom and Growth

wisdom blooms on

blossoms of growth by

thoughts learned

and voices heard

carefully planted ideas

by Karen Smith
found on my wordpress blog Life By a Bayou

I Saw An Angel Today

I saw an angel today

with dreamy brown eyes

and hair to watch

a smile to light the sky

I saw an angel today

sweet round face

that glowed with joy

I saw and angel today

by  Karen Smith

(For a little girl who lost her life to soon)

Black Mission Fig

On Earth Day we attended a educational event at the Alexandria Zoo  and among the plants we got there were a black mission fig and two longleaf fir trees. 
I have wished I would have written down what she said about our tree but I believe she said ours was
developed into bush type instead of a tree which would be nice as these trees can grow from 10ft to 30ft.  Coming from Asia originally these trees have made it to several European countries and Spain before coming through the missionaries to California.  The black fig is extremely popular for it sweetest and fairly easy to grow fruit. 
Here is a photo of the fig we got on Earth Day.  It is starting to send two shoots up from the roots along the base of the plant which reinforces my belief that she told me it was a bush type fig.  ❤

http://www.gardenguides.com gives some good information on planting and growing bush or tree figs as the growing is the same just the size of plant is different. 

This should be what our little bush fig should look like and I am excited as you can see it is a compact heavily leaved and very pretty. 

Here is some food value facts about figs:

These come from http://www.nutrition-and-you.com check this link out to get the rest of the article.

Monday, May 22, 2017

New Seedling Trees

Some photo's my and Maegan's new seedling trees.  The cherry on the top is older being planted in the bed up front and the lemon and tangerine seedlings are the newest just being started last month.
We got the longleaf fir trees and the last photo a fig tree from Earth Day at the zoo.  They are all growing well but slowly as I guess one should expect.  I am keeping them outside in a tent type storage shed to get the light they need and fresh air. 

Reading For the Summer

Today my daughter signed up for the summer reading program.  It is going to be the first time we have done so and we are excited.  Like all things in this we were able to sign up online, select our book preferences and find out the requirements.  When we finish reading a book you then log the book in via the internet.  I am saying we now because as I was signing up Maegan they asked me if I was signing up another child and when I said no they asked me was I signing up and well why not.  I love to read so I signed up. 
I am appalled because as an adult I only have to read 5 books and most times I can do that in a week just reading myself to sleep.  Anyway, for those interested check out https://rpl.beanstack.org/profiles/757922/programs/4575 or you can check out our library to see how neat it is at Alexandria LA Main Library .

The Mighty Thorn

A little mouse ran into the shade
looking up through the leaves
the mouse spies a large blackberry
climbing up the stalk
he almost reaches it
but finds himself instead
caught by the mighty thorn.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Salmon Hiaku Poem

Salmon swims on

through currents strong

jumping up stream

by Karen Smith

Wisdom and Growth

wisdom blooms on blossoms of growth by thoughts learned and voices heard carefully planted ideas by Karen S...