Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The End Of a Garden

My tomatoes are finished so I have pulled them from the garden and added them to the new compost pile.  In Louisiana you have two growing seasons for tomatoes so I added some old dry milk product to work into the soil and will start getting the spot ready.  I am planning on moving the garden spot out to make the bed bigger and grow more but I am happy as I got more tomatoes this year then the last two years. 
So the end of a garden is just the beginning.  Here is a video from Self Sufficient Me.  It is long but you get a feel how to prepare a bed with mulching and what weeds to pull what you can pull and leave in to mulch.  He is going to use a wood mulch the top soil.
Now mine is going to be planted again soon and has a shorter winter over so I will be using some mulch material that will break down fast,


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