Saturday, June 17, 2017

Crepe Myrtle The Tree of The South

My Crepe Myrtle tree is blooming this year.  The year is two years old and froze this winter during are hard 3 1/2 day freeze.  I lost half of it and just had a 6 inch stick in the ground.  This tree is a beautiful part of the south and you see them everywhere.  I have noticed grow through almost anything so I left it alone.  To my great surprise it grew very fast.
The crepe myrtle is an attractive tree with it's leaves turning nice colors in the fall and the trucks of the tree are both unusual and pretty.  I found this link to a Southern Living article on the tree:
This tree came from .  I had made a donation and received 10 trees.  We planted them and then recorded their growth for a homeschool science project.   One thing is true if you visit the south you will see that the crepe myrtle is the tree of the south.


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