Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day at The Zoo

Headed to the Alexandria Zoo today for an Earth Day celebration.   Not sure of what will be going on but look forward to it.  Will bring back a full report with photo's later today.  I am sure there will be lots to do and learn as our zoo seems to go all out in every event they have and to be honest I have never had anything but a good time at this zoo.
It is beautifully planted and loaded with healthy curious animals.  There are many walking trails and a playground for children to take a break and play.  Our favorite event is the water play day in June.
Check out Alexandria Zoo and come to Alexandria to visit us and our zoo sometime.  The more the merrier.

As promised here are some photo's from the zoo.  We were early for the Earth Day event so toured the whole zoo taking photo's.


Friends lovely bird songs everywhere bees buzzing by children’s laughter in the air as the breeze floats by dogs bar...