Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Five Things I Like About My Blog on Blogger

 I have been doing a blog on wordpress and I have liked it but getting it noticed has been hard so with my account coming up for repayment I decided to move and try blogger.  It is turning out to be a wise decision.  I have been busy moving and writing on blogger and am surprised by the attention I have already received.
So let me list for you the five things I like right now about blogger.
  • Easy to use.  Formatting is easy to use and uploaded pictures are already placed into you post the right size for the ease of web page use by your readers.
  • I get good grades from the website testers.  Which before no matter how much I tried I could not raise some of them.  Showing that blogger takes care of you.
  • The page is clean and neat looking. 
  • Seems to get you out there an noticed sooner.
  • The authors of the site explain everything to you as far as how to write, what your rights are and theirs, how to run ads on your site successfully.


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