Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pollinating Beetles

Yesterday we spent Earth Day at the Alexandria Zoo and visited several tables learning about clean water, how much garbage is dumped into the oceans daily, saving energy, depletion of natural trees in the south and bugs that are important for pollinating plants and flowers.
The US Forestry Department gave us a booklet about various pollinating bees, butterflies, flies and beetles. 
I was surprised at the flies and beetles being important to pollinating as they have always seemed to be just troublesome bugs that you tried to rid your garden of but I was wrong.  Just here in the southern states we have several important beetles for pollination;  Longhorned Beetle; Soldier Beetle; Metallic wood-boring Beetle; Scarab Beetle; and the Tumbling Flower Beetle. 
These beetles are important as when they visit the flowers they crawl over them and move the pollen from flower to flower.  So while the butterflies and bees are important to pollination these beetles not only get nectar but also gather a large amount of pollen.  Giving pollination a greater chance at success. 
I am going to give some photos of some other beetles that pollinate as well.

These beetles are not on the list I gave so this shows how long and varied the list of beetles that help with pollination is.  Notice the Lady Bug Beetle is among the list,  See the US Forestry website at   I hope you will check them out to learn more.  If we all worked together to gather more understanding of things around us we could change a lot around us.  Also visit the website .


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