Monday, April 24, 2017

Tomate Gardening

My tomato garden is getting huge, in fact all of the plants up front seem to have grown huge in just the last month.  I have been taking the branches off between the leaves to keep the main stems to keep the main trunk of the plant giving nutrients  to the blossoms and fruit.  I am thinking that I am going to have to change my garden plot next year to increase the amount of light for them.

Over all my garden is a success as the leaves are free from pests and are the proper shade of green for the plant. The berries in the back are, well for lack of better words, taking over this year.  Right now the berries are green but they are loaded with berries. 

I am following planting  directions from .  I grew up  in the Northwest and when I moved here I seemed to have lost all of my skills with plants.  Last year I realized that I was just so used to planting and growing in a different region so I did the web search to find out about growing in the south and so far I like what I have found.  Still working on my planting skills but it is really moving right along.


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