Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What Message Would I Like to Share

If anyone asked what message would I like to share it would be how easily we could get things done if we just work together.
Some might be toning me out by now but I am not talking about anything we have been hearing in the news, though if we joined together we may fix a lot of that too.
What I am referring to is things like saving the bees, oceans, butterflies, hunger and more.  I mean lets take saving the bees for an example if we just all worked together considering our regions of the country and planted the necessary flowers, trees, or plants for our area of the nation we could turn this around without even having to turn it over to the government for money for them to take care of the situation while our taxes go up.
Seriously think of the tax money we could save ourselves by taking care of things that we as a group of intelligent people and US citizens could do.
I was watching television a few weeks ago and found that after an order by the President sent out to get rid of unnecessary government spending one of the things they were getting rid of was a tax that collect money for the research to see if a woman was considered prettier when she was alone or with a group of other women.  Now it is not even funny to think that we had to have some research on this when just a few of us could already answer that.
My point is let us take the things we can and work together towards a better world, and country.


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