Monday, May 22, 2017

Reading For the Summer

Today my daughter signed up for the summer reading program.  It is going to be the first time we have done so and we are excited.  Like all things in this we were able to sign up online, select our book preferences and find out the requirements.  When we finish reading a book you then log the book in via the internet.  I am saying we now because as I was signing up Maegan they asked me if I was signing up another child and when I said no they asked me was I signing up and well why not.  I love to read so I signed up. 
I am appalled because as an adult I only have to read 5 books and most times I can do that in a week just reading myself to sleep.  Anyway, for those interested check out or you can check out our library to see how neat it is at Alexandria LA Main Library .


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