Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Violets in a Topsy Turvey

I placed some violets into a topsy turvy,  www.topsyturvy.com.  We got this free from the Cyber Security event at the park this spring and we put some hot peppers that were growing in the front garden.  The plants are still growing upward so waiting for the peppers to weight the plants down
so that they will seem to be upside down. 
I put the violets in to fill the spots were the peppers failed to do well and to add some color.  It is getting to hot here for them so I am hoping that being in the air will help them last longer.
The topsy turvy seems to dry out quickly which will be good for the peppers as they prefer to dry some between waterings.  Right now I am wondering how violets in a topsy turvey  will do. Maybe I can keep them through the summer?


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