Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zoo Days

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This is from my wordpress blog.  I am in the process of  moving from there to here and want to bring over a few of my posts from there.  It looks like once my premium account is up I maybe able to keep a free blog there so I will be writing both. .

Mirror effect Photo’s

I have for years dreamed of taking beautiful photo’s.  Photography being such a uni que art-form.  Like any art-form you can keep developing and improving with it that is if that is truly possible.
I went to the zoo over the Labor Day  weekend and was trying for a video and discovered how to make a video that will make you dizzy and bewildered as well, but the Zoo is truly beautiful so I will try this idea again with the different flowers and plants they have and this time I will do so walking and not on the train.
While I was there I got a neat photo with a mirror effect of an lizard I used to have and was very fond of my Iguana and had it in an hundred gallon fish tank but I had to part with him and I still to this day have a fondest for this type of lizard.  So I took a picture at the zoo of one that was active at the moment.  Take a look at it.
dsc00166 Do you see how this photo came out with a Mirror Effect.  I was not aware that the sun was in the position to cause this as the naked eye only saw a lizard free from shadows and no reflection in the glass.  As an intentional photographer I have a ways to go but as an accidental photographer I think this is a pretty good photo.
I love my Mirror effect Photo’s.  Tell me what you think.


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