Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Growing Some Watermelon

Growing some watermelon this year taking when to plant from my https://farmersalmanac.com
I get reminders of when and what to plant and find these useful living here in the south.  I grew up in the northwest corner of the states and gardening was different. 
I was so used to gardening in that time zone that I could not garden here.  I kept starting my plants when they do and then my plants burnt up because it became to hot before they could mature.  So if recommend looking into this if you are having gardening concerns it maybe just a matter of knowing when to plant.
The watermelon in the picture needs to have the hill built back up as I have been having a lot of rain the last two days.  This one will grow a melon of 45 lbs and I am excited to see how I do with the melons this year. 
This piece also comes from http://www.almanac.com


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