Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cherry Tree from Seed

Last year I bought some cherries that were out of this world so good.  So I got an idea to see about how to grow cherry tree.  As we all know by now the internet has a world at your fingertips of information so to the keyboard went to look up how to grow seeds.
I discovered that cherry trees seeds have to be kept in the freeze for about 14 days as they need a cold
time before they can sprout and grow also you need two different types of cherries to get the pollination and grow of fruit in the tree that you are seeking.  So I bought some different cherries and went to work to get these seeds growing.
After my 14 days in the cold I removed them and planted them but I saw nothing so I gave up well this spring I noticed that I have a small tree growing in my yard and I left it alone until I could look it up and see what it was.  If it was small enough I was going to leave it for shade up in the front towards the later part of the day. 
Then it dawned on me was this one of my cherry seeds I planted?  I looked up cherry tree seedlings and low and behold I have a cherry tree growing.

The little tree is doing well and at this time is about 8 inches tall.  I will have to buy another cherry tree in the near future. is a good site for some information on this topic if you would like take a look or look up growing cherry trees from seed.


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